Pin Stadium Lights – Pinball Lighting System

Pin Stadium Lights specializes in pinball lighting systems, designing innovative solutions to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of pinball machines. Their patent-pending modification kits and lighting designs help brighten playfields with high quality general illumination (GI) and add dramatic effects using flasher lights to the pinball machine. They offer easy-to-install solutions for seamless integration of pinball machine lighting while preserving the factory look and the classic feel of a pinball. Most mod kits from Pin Stadium Lights take but a few minutes to set up, which the average installation time not exceeding 15 minutes. If you have a pinball machine with older or inadequate lighting, rendering it very difficult to see in dark environments, simply buy a the #1 rated pinball from Pin Stadium and you’ll be good to go!

Pin Stadium lights engineers design easy-to-use and high-quality plug-and-play lighting kits so you won’t have to deal with technical stuff when installing or integrating them into your system. Anyone can install them with no tools or technical skills required.  Their products are designed for purists who simply want to improve the natural lighting on their playfield as well as modders and enthusiasts who want to impress with their flashy mods. Arcade operators also turn to Pin Stadium for modifications that help increase foot traffic into their amusement facility—and in turn boost their ROI. Pinball lighting systems help increase playing field visibility while enhancing the overall feel of the game play which is why they are IPFA and PAPA approved for pinball competition along with being highly desired by the pinball streaming community.

Pinball machines are already incredible pieces of art combined with technology all by themselves, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make some modifications on their lighting design to improve the gaming experience. The great thing about converting old pinball machine lighting from incandescent lighting to LED is that they make the playing field much brighter. On the practical side, an LED system is a longer-lasting lighting installation that draws less current and generates much less heat than their traditional counterparts.  Even newer machines are extremely popular due to the many dark and hotspots caused by the LED lights on the playfield.  

Because LED connectors don’t burn and the emitting diode maintains a cool temperature during operation, LED lighting systems are less prone to damage and don’t need constant repair. They also help conserve energy. LEDs operate a much lower temperature, so they cause no harm to playfield set-ups, especially those with plastic components that tend to warm when subjected to the heat of incandescent light. Less heat behind the machine’s head or backbox also means much longer life for its backglass and PCB boards.

Needless to say, the modification innovations that Pin Stadium Lights offer provide more than just aesthetic improvements on your machine. They also allow you to preserve the life and the quality of your playfield on the machine for years to come.  Even better, they work on any pinball machine and can be easily moved from machine to machine if you sell or trade ones in your collection. But be warned that if someone sees your pinball for sale with the lights installed, they will want them too. The great news is that the Pin Stadiums hold their value and you can sell them for what you paid for them so that you can get another set for your next pinball machine 😉 

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